permit me to officialy/formaly publicize, I want to use this medium to appreciate and acknowledge WORDPRESS for given me the platform to showcase my blog to the world, allthough I am a rookie to blogging, with wordpress as my aid, i don’t think there will be any course for worries. Basically my blog is going to center on inspirational/motivational messages, this is attributed to the high level of depression that results to highblood pressure in our society and the world at large. Statistics has shown that 60% of youths are suffering from depression and it leads to highblood pressure as time goes on, it is also recorded that 80% of the aged are suffering from highblood pressure, this is as a result of accrued depression during there youthfull days, it is affirmed that inspirational and motivational messages, ameliorate victims of depression, by giving them hope and als0 reasons/course to believe that there situation can be changed for good. I will also use this medium to bring to our notice, that happy people are productive, series of studies and research have testified to that effect, inspiration and motivation plays a vital role in that aspect, we all can testify that happiness is one of the medications to a healthy life. Okparasblog is going to be emphasizing more on inspirational and motivational messages, they will be coming in form of a nugget, very brief for your daily consumption, drop by daily and  recieve your daily medications on, counseling service also available for interested persons, below are my contact address. Mobile no«08165340376 or 07069095700 Mail add« Mail add« Facebook acc«Eric Okpara, bbm pin 22ed9fo6 Tweeter @ericwise_kopara.